It is important to a student’s success at Cathedral of the Risen Christ School that the habit of regular and punctual attendance is formed. Students who are tardy (arrive after 8am) must check in to the main office. Dropping students off at church for morning Mass is not allowed.

On a typical full day, the following policy is in place. Please take these times into consideration when scheduling appointments for children.

  1. Arrival prior to 10am is considered tardy
  2. Arrival after 10am is considered a half-day absence
  3. Departure prior to 1:20pm is considered a half-day absence.
  4. Departure after 1:20pm is considered a full day of attendance.

To report a tardy or absent student, please do so by 8am by calling the school office at 402-489-9621.

Report absence by email

Absence and Tardiness

Parents are to notify the office between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. to report each day their child will not attend school. If the school is not notified, a call will be made to their home or place of business to check on the student’s unaccounted absence.

If your child has symptoms of illness, please keep the child home.

When a student enters or leaves school during the day he/she must be signed in/out at the office by a parent or guardian.

No student is allowed to leave the school building or premises during school hours without permission of the principal, and at the written request of the parents.

Work assignments may be obtained for the current calendar day upon advance request, preferably to be picked up at the close of the day. Students are allowed two days for each absence to complete make-up work. Any assignments not given in advance will be given upon the student’s return to school.

Absence Policy

  • Tardy = less than one hour late
  • Half Day Absence = absent between 1-4 hours
  • Full Day Absence = absent in excess of 4 hours

Parents Out-of-Town

When parents leave town, they are to notify the school as to who is responsible for the children during the parents’ absence. Please include the person’s address and phone number in this information.


Vacations are discouraged during the school year and should be planned during scheduled breaks. Instruction time by the teacher is important and cannot be made up. No school work will be planned by teachers prior to a vacation. It is the parents’/students’ responsibility to see that work is made up after returning to school.