A League of Their Own

Cathedral priests in movie-themed costumes

Dear Eagle Family of families,

I struggle to find the words of gratitude necessary regarding what was formed for our community at the 20th Annual Cathedral

School Auction (which was another Eagle sellout). "Let's Go to the Movies" was an epic theme that took the momentum created by Laura & Ryan Johnson and propelled our Eagle community. A special thanks to Adam & Samantha Kavan and Joe & Sally Easley, the auction coordinators. Dozens of people were involved (including all of our teachers and staff), and all deserve thanks in person. Our space is limited here, but just know how much the work of the auction committee means to all of us, and to our children.

"Let's Go to the Movies" was incredible, and re-energized our parish. On Monsignor Tucker’s last day he told me that CRC is bigger than any one person, and that the joy of being an Eagle was in the union of tradition with fresh energy. Seeing so many folks with kids long graduated, and then all the young parents amped about the future...all having a blast, all sharing stories...it was edifying.

Monsignor Nemec commenced things appropriately by publicly reminding us that the night was about the children. Later, Fr. Wylie expanded those thoughts personally: “Jeremy, I continue to learn just how special this place is. Goodness, God has blessed Cathedral abundantly!”

Bravo to all of you who donated, volunteered, supported, and/or prayed - take heart knowing that we didn’t just live up to the legacy, but that year 20 was special because it reminded us of how great we are together.

My table wore the cinematic theme, but this community embodies it: others surely look to CRC and note that Cathedral of the Risen Christ is in a league of their own.

With a full heart,

Principal Jeremy Ekeler

Cathedral parish members in Harry Potter costumes

Blog Post written by:
Jeremy Ekeler