The Scholarship Moment

cathedral students laying on the floor around a quilt they made

When the topic of tuition arises we typically hear two things. The first is how remarkably low our tuition is. This is accurate as the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln provides an incredible education at one of the nation’s lowest tuition rates. Literally every child in the diocese is on scholarship: tuition pays for just 20%-30% of the cost of educating a child. The remainder is funded by the parish, the diocese, endowments and other generosities.

The second voice sounds something like this: “We are really trying, but it is just so hard for us to pay tuition.”

According to the Lincoln Community Foundation, Lincoln now has six neighborhoods that qualify as being in poverty, the most in over 30 years. The Cathedral community is not immune. We are diverse in many ways, including our socio-economic demographics. A dramatic increase in enrollment, plus the above data means one thing: Cathedral must be the action, not the reaction.

We are proud to announce the expansion of Cathedral’s “Scholarship Moment”, a program to support those most in need in our Cathedral Family. In 2016-17 the Scholarship Moment funded five children using $5250 in free tuition gathered from three families. As of now, $38,188 has been committed for the 2020-21 school year!

My hope is to build this program into 12-15 full tuition scholarships that will support Cathedral families in need. We want to reach into the Lincoln community and make a Catholic education a reality for a family who may not otherwise have the means. We also want to be a leader in this venture and create a powerful program that our Eagle families are proud of. There is a place for everyone in this program, and we hope folks take advantage.

  • Family in Need: Those in need must follow the application steps by the deadline to be considered. Preference for scholarship dollars is given to in-parish, active and involved Catholic families who have been in good-standing with the school and parish (strong communication, active tithing, no over-due balances and active volunteer life).
  • Family who Funds: Are you proud of your Cathedral journey? Do you want to model stewardship to your children? Were you in a rough patch when someone came to your aid and now feel it’s time to pay it forward? You can send an email or set up a 30-minute meeting with our Director of Development, Erin Halligan Trummer, to launch a scholarship in memorial, for your family, or anonymously. It is easy to set up and you can support your scholarship using a monthly payment plan.
  • Family who Helps: The typical poverty story is that a family just like yours hit a rough patch and didn’t have a safety net, nor access to credit. This story is one you can change. I’m asking you to consider a donation to the Cathedral Family Scholarship program. Could be $10, could be $100…could be more. The goal: grow our Friends of Cathedral School Foundation to support even more families in need.

We are in a unique situation as we continue to welcome new families while also supporting those already established in the Cathedral Family of families. Therefore, our long-term vision for "The Scholarship Moment" is as follows:

We look to lead this school as we soar to new heights together with the Risen Christ. Please come soar with us.

Blog Post written by:
Jeremy Ekeler
Former Principal