Eagles to Eagles Featured Nationally

Cathedral of the Risen Christ third grader Isis Miller spearheaded an effort to create spiritual bouquets and letters to students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the week of March 5th.

The two schools share a mascot, and the campaign, called “Eagles to Eagles”, was inspired by Isis’s efforts to do twenty good deeds in Lent.

The rest of the school jumped on board, Channel 8 News covered the story, and the piece was eventually featured on the social media feed for Good Morning America where it has received hundreds of thousands of views.

Principal Jeremy Ekeler said, "It doesn't surprise me that this idea came from Isis, nor does it surprise me that our kids jumped on board so enthusiastically. We have great kids, and while all of us adults talked policy and safety it is refreshing that the youth are more focused on connection and love."

In the interview Isis said, "If any kid is thinking about doing something like this, know that you can - all you have to do is take the first step."