The Alumni Way

The Alumni Way Project is a transformational project for the Cathedral School Family's past graduates and families, its present shareholders, and its future members. Moreover, the Alumni Way is unique becuase it is a singular focus that tactically intertwines multiple pressing needs for Cathedral of the Risen Christ School. In other words, every dollar invested in this project is multiplied because it will simultaneously contribute to….

A.) Special Needs Programing: The Alumni Way creates much needed space to host our burgeoning Special Education, Dyslexia/Dysgraphia, and tutoring programs. Roughly 12% of Cathedral’s population currently requires SpEd services, which is the state average for public schools. Considering the growing CRC population, the simple math is that even at percentage maintenance our raw number of students in need of special services will increase. Cathedral has proven to be forward-looking in our commitment to serve children through data gathering, early intervention, appropriate services, teacher development, and physical resources: Two years prior to the State of Nebraska’s recognition of Dyslexia, Cathedral became the first school in the state to form an organized approach to Dyslexia/Dysgraphia screening and resource.

B.) Safety: Our current entryway layout does not match best practices for student safety or Standard Response Protocol. Our students deserve the same level of safety and security as their friends at schools across the city. The Alumni Way provides that, and more, exceeding recommended school safety guidelines.

C.) Common Space: It routinely surprises guests that Cathedral school has no common meeting space. No conference room, no community hall, and no spare office exist in the current school building. The Alumni Way remedies this by turning the current front office into a dynamic space that can house both special needs programs and a conference room, or mesh the two spaces to create one large resource area.

D.) A Facelift for Cathedral: Renovating our outdated and crumbling school entrance (facing 37th, near Sheridan Boulevard), is vital because Cathedral resides on the most

beautiful street in Lincoln. Furthemore, the crumbling circle drive needs to be both repaired and beautified. The Alumni Way accomplishes this, and will include a landscaping plan in the grass circle drive area.

E.) Bridges to Alumni: It is a priority that we reconnect with our incredible alumni base. “The Alumni Way” is a double entendre: this building will literally be the way into our school, and also honor distinguished families who have embraced the Cathedral “alumni way” through their work in the community. A Wall of Fame will be established and plaques will frame the cornerstone in a beautiful tribute to the legacy of one of the nation’s proudest parishes.

This project is vital as our Eagle Family continues to welcome increased enrollment, competes with area schools for new families, and, most importantly, serves our amazing and growing community.

Our financial lifeblood is one part tuition (which requires enrollment), two parts parishioner generosity, and finally the amazing support of generous families and foundations. This lifeblood allows us to continue the work of forming young souls on their journeys to heaven by being thoughtful, invested and engaged citizens who may one day see their name in the corridor of Alumni Way.

Cathedral thanks parishioner Michael Sinclair and Schemmer for their dedication to this project. To date, $158,000 has been donated by foundations at no expense to Cathedral School or Parish. If you are part of a foundation or organization interested in moving The Alumni Way from concept to reality please contact Mr. Ekeler at

Next steps:
1.) Educating our Eagle Family
2.) Collecting funds that do not negativey impact Cathedral's bottom-line
3.) Inviting contractors to the bidding process
4.) Securing a timeline and final deadline (a soft target of completion for the 2019 school year)