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Jeremy Ekeler

A message on social justice

A message from Principal Jeremy Ekeler on recent events in our community around diversity and politics.

Equity & Reward - 2020 Report Card Grades

Principal Ekeler introduces the Equity and Reward model for grading during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Love Letter to Cathedral

"I need to thank you. And in showing this gratitude both humble myself to you, and express my love for you."

Encountering, Hays

Today I attended the funeral of Ryan Hays, the first student I've lost.

The Scholarship Moment

We typically hear how low our tuition is and “We are really trying, but it is just so hard for us to pay tuition.”

Men: I'm About to Lie to You

A personal message for the hurt, the sorrowful, and the confused.

Cathedral Pedestrian Safety

A plan to address safety concerns at the intersection of 37th and Sheridan Boulevard.

Standardized Testing Results

An update on the outcomes of Cathedral of the Risen Christ School's standardized testing results.

A Parent-Teacher Conference Manifesto

Principal Jeremy Ekeler shares insights to prepare parents for teacher conferences.